Matthew Semple

Meet Matthew, Matt for short. Matt is our head chef, well to be honest with you he is our only chef, but don’t worry he definitely makes up for it in skills. He is a perfectionist by nature and he loves a challenge. In some ways we think working alone is probably the best thing for him…… and us. Rotorua born, Matt has been a chef for ten plus years and has worked in some of the best restaurants in Rotorua. He has a passion for delivering simple, fresh food centered around quality ingredients.  Husband to the luckiest woman in the world and father to one very special wee girl this guy has all the prerequisites to make one hell of a pizza. 

Brenda Semple

Meet Brenda, our manager. This bubbly, yet knowledgeable young lass is here to make your pizza  experience unforgettable. Hailing originally from Auckland, Brenda has worked in a plethora of establishments both locally and as far as Christchurch. Some people say drinking a lot of wine is bad for you, but it has given Brenda a good foundation in wining. Pun intended.  She is wife to a very lucky man and mother to almost two amazing humans. Brenda will be taking off some time late may to raise our beautiful children, but don’t worry she will be back.

Scarlett Semple

Not much help, but she’s pretty cute and is our number one fan. 


New edition coming soon!

Ethan Semple

Look familiar? Or rather famiglia? Pun intended 😉  Ethan is the chef’s younger brother AND our new restaurant manager. Naturally friendly and Scarlett’s favorite uncle, not to mention a BIG fan of Pizza! This guy is trained and ready to make your experience at Pizzeria Imperfetto, amazing. 

Olivia Hedayati

Pretty much family, Olivia has worked with us from the very beginning. We are actually surprised she stuck around, she must really love the pizza… and us… we hope. Bubbly and friendly, she will go above and beyond  for you. 

Our Story

Meeting on Rotorua’s eat street it really was love at first sight. Well maybe love at third or forth sight for Brenda but the point being it was love. We’ll skip the warm fuzzy’s and just get on with it. In a nut shell it was love, then marriage, then came a baby in a baby carriage and then came baby number two in the form of a restaurant. Hospitality has always been Brenda’s passion and food had always been Matt’s so owning and operating a restaurant just sort of came naturally to the two of them and they have never looked back. 

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